Incarnate discography

Self-titled CD, 2008

Track Listing:
Rebellion / Paradise Lost / Follow The Star / Incarnation / The Sacrifice / Golgotha / It Is Finished / Death's Demise / Ways Of The World / Prodigal / Psychotropic Terror / Desperate Times / Believe In Me / The Return Home / Resolution / Serpent's Lie / Fallen Star

This self-titled CD is the first full-length album by Incarnate.
Released: fall, 2008

Thomas Wilson - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboard
Sheldon D'Costa - Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Guest Musicians:
Jon Hooper - Guitar Solos
J.D. Evans - Guitar Solos
Brad Windlan - Guitar Solos
Chris Dickens - Bass
Steve Johnston - Keyboard on "It Is Finished"
Jeff Lewis - Guitar Solo on "Believe In Me"

Produced by Thomas Wilson
Engineered by Thomas Wilson at Unforsaken Studio
Additional Engineering by Sheldon D'Costa
Edited, Mixed & Mastered by Thomas Wilson at Unforsaken Studio
Cover Art by Jon Hooper

2008 Unforsaken Productions

Believe In Me single/EP, 2002

Track Listing:
Believe In Me / Fallen Star

Believe In Me
"Believe In Me" is the promotional single/EP released in support of the 2008 self-titled Incarnate CD.
Released: late 2002

Sheldon D'Costa - All Instruments
Thomas Wilson - Vocals
with Guest Guitar Solo by Jeff Lewis on "Believe In Me"

Produced by Thomas Wilson & Sheldon D'Costa
Engineered by Sheldon D'Costa
Mixed by Thomas Wilson at Unforsaken Studio
Cover Art by Thomas Wilson & Jon Hooper

2002 Unforsaken Productions

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